Eos Energy Storage will demonstrate residential and commercial battery systems at the University of California San Diego, with the support of a $2 million award from the California Energy Commission.

Eos is partnering with global original equipment manufacturers to package, distribute, and support mass market products using the company’s Znyth battery technology.

Eos manufactures grid-scale battery solutions designed to support 4-hour locational capacity with levelized cost of energy. The company’s core product — the Aurora 1000│4000 — is a 1 MW | 4 MWh DC battery system which is now being sold at a volume price of $160 per usable kWh while supporting more than 5,000 full depth of discharge cycles or about 15 years of continuous operation. Utilities and developers are using the Aurora solution for peak shaving, frequency response and renewable integration.

As part of California’s Electric Program Investment Charge, California Energy Commission funding takes the Eos battery one step further: as a plug-and-play product for homes and offices.

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