EOS Energy Storage

EOS Energy Enterprises

Founded in 2008, Eos Energy Storage developed a zinc-aqueous hybrid battery technology with significant competitive advantages over Li-ion and flow battery competitors. With no pumps, hoses or membranes like flow batteries, and no fire safety risk or HVAC costs like Li-ion, Eos leverages just five recyclable, non-toxic commodity components to provide low-cost, long-duration energy storage. Eos’ ingenious design is now fully commercialized and delivering cost-competitive, safe, and robust solutions to Tier-1 customers worldwide, including Duke Energy, Engie, and Hecate. Recognizing the huge potential of Eos’ technology advantage, AE led Eos through its public listing via a SPAC transaction with B. Riley Principal Merger Corp. Eos now trades publicly as Eos Energy Enterprises, NASDAQ: EOSE.

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